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Adevo Affiliates
Join our free affiliate program and get paid over $4800.00 per year for referring new people to Adevo.
Tier 1: $25 per sale
Tier 2: $5 per sale
Make money while you sleep! Just share your unique referral link to generate unlimited commissions.
Free $5 bonus when you join,
plus up to $1 per referral!Join free!
Is it really free?
Yes, our affiliate program is entirely free to join and you can earn an unlimited amount without ever having to spend any money with Adevo yourself.
What do I have to do?
Simply share your referral link on social media, etc. (Log in to view your link.) Any referral link visitors that sign up to Adevo will become your Tier 1 referrals.
How do the tiers work?
When you refer a person to Adevo, they will become your Tier 1 referral. When they buy one of our monthly plans, you will earn a direct $25 commission.
You > Your Referral
Tier 1 Referral
$25 Commission
If that person refers a friend, that friend will become your Tier 2 referral. When that friend buys one of our monthly plans, you will earn an indirect $5 commission.
You > Your Referral > Their Referral
Tier 2 Referral
$5 Commission
What are unlimited commissions?
Some affiliate programs will only pay you for the first sale that you refer. Then you have to keep referring new customers to earn more commissions. Adevo will pay you for every successful purchase made by your direct and indirect referrals.
Do you have an example?
If you refer 10 new customers to Adevo, you'll earn $25.00 USD per month per customer. That's $3000.00 USD per year. If those 10 customers each tell 3 friends, you'll earn $5.00 USD per month per customer. A further $1800.00 USD per year.

$3000.00 USD + $1800.00 USD = $4800.00 USD per year. Please note this is an example only. If you refer more paying customers, you will earn much more.
What happens if they don't buy?
Even if your referrals don't buy, you can still get paid up to $1 each for inactive referrals then cashout your commissions when you refer a paying customer.
Is this a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) or pyramid scheme?
No, MLMs and pyramid schemes operate on multiple levels and require a purchase to take part. Our affiliate program has two tiers and it's completely free.
How will I receive payment?
You can request payment when you've earned over $25 in commissions. We pay affiliates in USD via PayPal or equivalent USD amount in Bitcoin via Coinbase.

Adevo is part of real-world company Lione Ltd. We're a professional team based in the United Kingdom with over 20 years of industry experience. If you have any further questions about our free affiliate program, just contact us.Join free!
Example based on 10 new customers referring 30 new customers if all customers buy every month for 12 months generating 120 Tier 1 commissions and 360 Tier 2 commissions. Earnings require customer referrals and are not guaranteed. Commissions may be reduced due to reversed payments.